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Soy and salt these two dressing should be every the home exists every, and the effect that they go to soy and salt since two place also is similar, because two are salty, what can raise vegetable so is salty degree, many people can join soy and salt when stir-fry. And in modern society many people can consider alimental health level, when using soy and salt so, can they also consider soy and salt which more healthy?

 Soy and salt which more healthy

Saline taste is great majority the fundamental flavour of compound flavour, have ” the king of 100 flavour ” say. From about the yellow emperor period before 5000, salt has been been familiar with and edible. Not only general course is tasted cannot leave saline taste, also should add right amount saline taste sweet-and-sour flavour, acerbity piquancy namely, ability makes its flavor full-bodied, dainty.

Salt — antiseptic and be bored with of the flavour that add delicacy, solution, anticorrosive. Of salt mainShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Composition is sodium chloride, must absorb certain salt to keep metabolic every day, move the soda acid between integral fluid and cell to balance, stimulative human body grows development. Additional, the salt that contains iodine still is beneficial to thyroid gland. Gargle of commonly used weak brine, be opposite not only gutturalForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The oral cavity disease such as gall of aching, tooth has cure and precautionary effect, still can prevent a cold. Boiled water of a cup of salt is drunk after early morning gets up, can treat constipation.

No-no: Photograph salt not easily every day overmuch, should in order to be less than 6 grams advisable.

 Soy and salt which more healthy

Soy is the dressing of Chinese tradition. With the liquid dressing of brew of beans, wheat, bran. Colour and lustre is rufous, have distinctive sauce sweet, flavor is delicious, conduce to appetitive.

Soy common calls Chi oil, basically make oil by course of soja, wheaten, salt, ferment wait for program wine to make and become. The part of soy is more complex, outside the part that removes salt, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Still have the part such as a variety of amino acid, saccharide, organic acid, pigment and flavor. WithSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Saline taste is given priority to, yi Youxian flavour, fragrance. It can increase and improve the flavor of dish, still can be added or change the colour and lustre of dish. Working people of Chinese ancient time has mastered before thousands of years wine make technology. Soy has commonly often smoke and be born smoke two kinds: Unripe smoke saltier, use at carrying bright; to often be smoked weaker, use at promoting quality.

Soy — with salty give priority to, hold a delicacy concurrently sweet. Make dish adds flavour, unripe delicacy, add sweet, embellish, can complement nutrient. The amino acid in soy is the main nutrition material of human body, especially a few human body cannot complex amino acidFall in love with the sea

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, must absorb through soy. Additional, the body when some place scald, usable soy apply besmears, hand of can acetanilide alexipharmic; points to gall, add soy and honey lukewarm hind, finger immerge among them, can acetanilide detumescence.

 Soy and salt which more healthy

No-no: Taking actor to fall when the disease of remedial heart and vessels such as peaceful, frowsty coke and disease of gastric bowel path, cannot feed together with soy, can cause the side effect such as disgusting, vomiting otherwise.

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