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Bacon of in actual life is to belong to a kind of cate, bacon uses fresh pork what to make and be become namely, the north that is in our country is very common, and the making need of bacon chooses to be in Qiu Dong is seasonal, this seasonal climate is drier have wind, more benefit basks in zephyr to do bacon at air, and summertime weather is torrid, air also is wetter do not suit to do bacon, the weather that can choose to be controlled in 10 degrees will undertake making bacon. Shanghai Long Feng forum

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How does bacon make summer?

How does summer make bacon?

Summer shoulds not be the bacon that make

One, the temperature that make:

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The bacon that make and banger should choose the season that controls in 10 Celsius.

2, choose makings:

1, the flesh of pig hip, take a skin, fertilizer is thin be linked together (half fertilizer half thin) .

2, burden: (Consider according to 10KG pork) saline 300g, 200g of Chinese prickly ash, anise 150g, fennel 150g, lilac 30g, hill Nai 75g, sweet leaf 30g, afore-mentioned burden fry sweet mill to become farinaceous. 200 grams take a surname broken, 100g of a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, cooking wine 500ML. Burden mixes even.

3, fume makings1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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: Sawdust, fresh Bai Ya, loose branch a certain number of

How does bacon make summer?

3, practice:

1, pork cuts the lump with thick 3~4CM, abluent, burden wipes pork appearance equably, put pork airtight container souse 5 days, flip through everyday (make tasty evener) .

2, will string together on the flesh wear a hole, hang airing 3~5 day.

3, in one metal canister (for instance benzine canister goes bottom and lid) inside buy enters sawdust and ignition, upper cover loose branch, build Bai Ya again, a meshy frame work is put in the upper part of the canister, its attend pork park, so fumigated, become yellow or black till pork surface (fume black, songzhi and the flavour of cypress bifurcation are heavier) .

4, pork, hang in the bacon doing such as drafty place to appear, calculate success.

Of bacon save time to grow quite, can save 3 months commonly, if sealed or put freezer, longer. Fumigated the bacon that pass, sealed save a year of above to do not have a problem.

How does bacon make summer?

Abstain bacon


Advocate makings: , pork 5 kilograms. Condiment salt 150 grams, chinese prickly ash 25 grams, pine cypress sawdust 11000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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.5 kilogram. (Earthnut carapace also but)


(1) bloats be soiled. Cut pork into 5 centimeters wide strip first, a short slender pointed piece of metal that use bamboo is plunged into on a lot of minor key points, reoccupy

After frying knead of ripe Chinese prickly ash, salt to take taste, the skin is down the flesh to chase a layer to put Yu Tao up inside porcelain or enamel container (avoid uses metallic appliance) , of uppermost layer shouldShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Skin up the flesh is gadarene, press in order to take seriously. Spring, the winter is put in do not written guarantee aspic is in, red-letter day of summer, fall is put at cool place, chicken bloats 5 days, break up everyday. The the flesh one aspect of the matter after bloating has been worn with the rope hang in drafty local air to bask in come to work partly. Shanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

(2) smokes cigarette. Good air fleshy park iron is put in an iron bowl on fine-toothed comb, boiler insole ministry puts sawdust, build good boiler shell. With boiler of baked wheaten cake, with according to end early smoke fumes the flesh chromatically. After been fume, hang at ventilated place, the cent that need water works completely.

(3) edible. Burn the skin that has fumed on fire yellow, use lukewarm bleb next soft, with blow child go the mud of flyblow person, blow yellow cover of the skin with the knife clean, reoccupy Wen Shui is washed, on 50 ~ take out drawer steam 60 minutes, section is filled dish become namely.

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