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In the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, want warm filling body, treat the word of the disease, chinese traditional medicine is a kind of very good choice. Although Chinese traditional medicine is compared,property of a medicine is compared Western medicine slow, but its security is tallerA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, compare special person to a few system, it is more applicable. And in Chinese traditional medicine, having a lot of remedy is to having Wen Huahan’s phlegmy effectShanghai noble baby

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, wait e.g. the tuber of pinellia, Tian Naxing, white monkshood, Bai Gaizi.

 Wen Huahan phlegmy Chinese traditional medicine

1, the tuber of pinellia

The tuber of pinellia, chinese traditional medicine renown, for the dry tuber of the tuber of pinellia of plant of division of the star austral the day. Summer, autumn 2 Ji Cai is dug, abluent, eliminate is cortical with fibrous root, insolation. Have dry wet expectorant, fall go against stop vomit, disappear ruffian comes loose the effect of the knot. Use at wet phlegmy cold phlegmy, cough asthma is phlegmy much, phlegmy drink bewildered throbs with terror, wind is phlegmy swimmy, coma due to blocking of the respiratory system has a headache, vomiting is queasy, pectoral Wan ruffian is frowsty, plum nucleus is angry; Carbuncle is treated outside swollen phlegmy nucleus. Unfavorable with plain black, make the plain black, careless black, black that make grass, monkshood be used together;

Treat wet asthma aue to excessive phlegm urgent, stop aching: Not stick to of the tuber of pinellia how many, balm is fried, for end, congee bolus Wu child big. Every are taken 3, 50 bolus, below Jiang Shang. (” law of Dan Xi heart ” )

2, Tian Naxing

Tian Naxing, what Chinese pharmacopoeia collects is herbal, for division of the star austral plant day, the star austral day of leaf of Tian Naxing, different or the dry tuber of the star austral northeast day. Autumn, the winter is collected when wither of leaf of 2 season bine dig, eliminate fibril and cortical, dry1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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. Have dispel the wind to stop Jing, expectorant medicinal powder the function of the knot. Advocate apoplectic eye of phlegmy stop up, mouth askew, hemiplegia, brothers paralytic, wind is phlegmy swimmy, epileptic, infantile convulsions, tetanic, cough is much phlegmy, carbuncle swollen, scrofula, drop hit paralytic, serpent to bite.

Treat decency phlegmy, calm annals calms the nerves, benefit head: With music of the tuber of pinellia 29, tian Naxing (prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun) 9, half and half of cinnabar, withered vitriol 2, for end, ginger juice hits burnt bolus Wu child big. Every take 30 pill, the Jiang Shang after feeding sends. (” with agent bureau just ” cinnabar is expectorant bolus)

 Wen Huahan phlegmy Chinese traditional medicine

3, white monkshood

White monkshood, chinese traditional medicine renown, plant of the Na Xingke that it is a day alone the dry tuber of horny lotus. Autumn is collected dig, eliminate fibril and cortical, insolation. Have dispel the wind phlegmy, decide Jing Chu, detoxify comes loose knot, acetanilide effect. Use at apoplectic phlegmy stop up, buccal eye is sung inclined, language Jian is acerbity, infantile convulsions epilepsy, tetanic, coma due to blocking of the respiratory system has a headache, slant to having a headache, scrofula phlegmy nucleus, serpent is bitten.

Use after general n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine, external use is unripe taste right amount pound, boil cream or grind end moves apply affected part with wine. Pregnant woman careful with; Unripe taste appropriate of to be taken orally careful.

4, Bai Gaizi

Bai Gaizi, alias hot colza, a year or the dry and mature seed of biennial white mustard. Without smelly, taste is bitter. Can be used as medicine. Wen Zhong comes loose cold, benefit gas break is phlegmy, connect main and collateral channels, poison of subsidence of a swelling. Treat a stomachForum of Shanghai night net

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Cold spit feed, confidential is aching, lobar cold cough, arthritis, larynx pain or numbness caused by cold, shade subcutaneous ulcer, flow phlegmy, injuries from falls. Lobar empty is long cough the person that reach flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability is banned take,

Treat feeling is cold without sweat: End of water air mustard seed fills hilum inside, withLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Hot content lies between the garment to iron, take sweat to go out clever. (” simple home remedy ” )

 Wen Huahan phlegmy Chinese traditional medicine
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5, Fu coming back is beautiful

Fu coming back is beautiful, chinese traditional medicine renown, the dry capitulum that for feverfew Fu coming back is spent or Ou Yaxuan Fu spends. Have fall gas, disappear is phlegmy, travel water, stop the effect of vomit. Use at chill cough, phlegmy drink harbour writtens guarantee, pectoral midriff ruffian is frowsty, asthma expectoration is much, vomit alas gas, the ruffian below the heart is hard.

Treat cold of diseases caused by external factors, inside accumulate phlegmy wet, cough is phlegmy much, often fizzle out with the tuber of pinellia, hemp be equal with, if golden boil is careless,come loose. (” with agent bureau just ” )

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