” mysterious maritime space 4 ” mode of much person of up to date information contains a lot of interesting elements

Today, mischievous dog announced in network direct seeding a few ” mysterious maritime space 4: Bandits dead end (Uncharted 4: A Thief S End) ” the new information of much person mode, announced a few interesting elements in much person mode.

– – be in ” mysterious maritime space 4 ” in you are OK the mode of operation of him set handle, define the function of key-press oneself, define oneself very comprehensive, included to assist aim at, the floating rate that lays mode and scene is waited a moment.

– – the character can make all sorts of interesting motions according to different scene, include main action, sneer at movement, dance movement.

– – joining the function that divide hold for much person mode is a challenge for the group that make to game, the group that make encountered a lot of obstacle, day of final put on sale got on for game, but can lay aside it temporarily only. In the Roadmap that this function shows to be announced recently without body, because make,can have done it without dye-in-the-wood assurance, but without doubt, mischievous dog or very want to join the function that divide hold, and they also are trying hard for this.

– – the much person mode that the group that make was not game in the consideration adds element of money and valuables (Treasure Sets) , but they do not have acceptance this.

– – the group that make is considering a few new game pattern, include a few game pattern that change original regulation. At present till, still do not know whether these game mode can include original classic pattern. Mischievous dog expresses, make classic pattern need to expend a lot of time and energy.

– – the group that make plans to be define a race oneself (Custom Games) is joined more define option oneself, this function will pass the formal implementation of the patch later in game put on sale

Good, return to the subject, will admire newest picture and video! Because video is,collect from network direct seeding come down, the picture is so qualitative general, appearance party does not want too kink.

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