AlphaGo is stared at on game blocking a card battle ” furnace stone is fabulous ” ” 10 thousand wisdom cards “

In 4-1 high-key beat Li Shishi of Korea go talent to announce to march ” interstellar contend for hegemony 2 ” hind, the road of the challenge of Gu Ge AI did not stop at this point. According to newest message, the Deepmind group that develops AlphaGo has been stared at went up to block medal sport, and below two potential victims are the game blocking a card of blizzard ” furnace stone is fabulous ” with fire do not know how many years ” 10 thousand wisdom cards ” .

Basis introduction, the Deepmind group that comes from Oxford installed structure of network of a nerve to block composing AlphaGo, used Pyhon language to write ” furnace stone is fabulous ” version opening a source and Java language write ” 10 thousand wisdom cards ” . Researcher will undertake summing up an analysis to blocking card data above all, sum up give a computer to be able to read extraction statistical regulation, achieve with this artificial can the effect. After completing full study, alphaGo of edition blocking a card exceeds understanding 10000 Zhang Mozhi card and 500 pieces ” furnace stone is fabulous ” card card, can be calculated through part skill a best combination below circumstance of current hand card. Come round to look from eye nevertheless, the road of the research and development of Deepmind returns shoulder heavy responsibilities, this piece of AI checks following areas wait for one’s chance is waited for of hair write even if have by accident.

Be worth what carry is, ” furnace stone is fabulous ” this kind of game is strength lot takes an in part each all along, if AlphaGo came up against a god to take dog level player really, estimating again tall AI also is no use.

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