” spirit of black rose female military ” part of collect of up to date information introduces warfare system

 Recently, ” spirit of black rose female military ” the information news that development business made government-owned net update many game set and systematic detailed solution in this.

 In the process that investigates an aerolite, people discovered a kind of is Hei Liu virus that is weighed. The person that is affected by virus gained the wisdom that surmounts normal mankind and strength. The person that is affected by virus nevertheless can lose his intelligence and body gradually, make impersonal live thing finally. 1929, strange beauty pulls virus to erupt in the whole world, the of about 3% mankind on the earth is during this get killed.

 Below this kind of circumstance Japan chose to keep apart measure bill, oneself and outside complete isolation avoids epidemic situation to invade country. Organize ACID by secret army (turn over strange beauty to help intercept army group, japanese always likes to do this kind of strange abbreviate it seems that) built unit of special type of female military spirit, with all sorts of incident that cause at defying epidemic disease erupts.

 White peak of leading role morning sun is regarded as the commander of army of female military spirit by the choice. Encountered Jimeila’s assault on the road that heads for base, be in his how-to next successes repel the enemy. Battle triumph also proved his ability and value to military headquarters first. However, the teammate that faces morning sun and him people, brutal destiny is their laid a road that is full of bramble and despair.

 Female military spirit is the code name name that turns over strange beauty to pull enginery T-C-S. Ability of the person that have the comfortable case that has been chosen by the system only uses this kind of weapon, these people also are called female military spirit.

 Outfit of arms of female military spirit is the tremendous weapon that produces by complex and giant alloy, ordinary mortal cannot be used completely. But embedded the attestation device inside body of the person that use can pass outfit of arms of female military spirit to obtain a kind of tailor-made aggrandizement drug, thereby even if looks be like effeminate girl to also can brandish easily a tremendous arms outfit.

 One palace dew is graceful – the daughter of group of big joint venture; Because she is big the identity of a cut above others of a thousand pieces of gold, work occasionally some do not press constant manage.

  knot draw – the girl with serious and earnest disposition, as the soldier very outstanding, also have a few accordingly however moody.

 Lan Sen of A Malou Fu – always like to dress up oneself into the male to decorate, become oneself the girl that becomes the man, very affable red-blooded, some are childish nevertheless;

 Kufulansen – twin sister of A Malou, very bashful and do not be good at answering the male. Data analysis respect is an ace.

 ” spirit of black rose female military ” used system of tactical trends warfare half instant half bout makes warfare system, the different instruction of player make known to lower levels can cause the change of action sequence. According to the enemy and teammate, adjust the opportunity that the part acts reasonably, can achieve taller battle efficiency. The player still can use force of make a joint attack on, labor, atttack the enemy with the action such as skill, arms outfit T-C-S comes to pair of Jimeila in cooperating part hand beat the enemy.

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