Regression ” biochemical crisis ” source! ” white day nightmare 1998 ” expose to the sun brand-new check scheme

Destructive Creations announced recently, make the horror that issues Invader atelier development newly ” white day nightmare 1998 ” , should make get classical ” biochemical crisis ” the inspirational influence of game. ” white day nightmare 1998 ” the earliest ever was be based on visional engine 4 make ” biochemical crisis 2: Renascence ” project, be based on visional engine 4 development, and ” biochemical crisis ” acting architect is mixed first ” biochemical crisis 3 ” the associated producer that supervisory green hill and great hold the position of this making. Be in ” white day nightmare 1998 ” in, the player will live in the nightmare in a reality, have a lot of nostalgic elements among them. The popular culture that there are a lot of 90 times in game and photograph of modern play mechanism are united in wedlock, do one’s best is delivered piece the most classical live horrible atmosphere. Of sky blocking general before game artist Satoshi Nakai also will join in this game, be in charge of designing an eccentric person in game. He ever had participated in before this ” biochemical crisis 0 ” ” biochemical crisis: Wei Luoni blocks code name ” development. Destructive Creations still released this made newest cut plan.

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