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What introduce here is 6 of gem gal classical movements, drill on the floor in the home at ordinary times, can help you remove pressure, maintain a quiet heart, make you more agileLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
, the balance is better, also be the secret weapon that carries thin body.

Feminine secret " weapon " it is this thing unexpectedly (1)

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea

1, tree pose:

Double foot and approach, begin with the pose of hill, toe is stretched adequately stretchy, ham muscle drives the muscle around knee joint before use you. Unbend your spinal, hold out a bosom and shoulder. Both hands put the palms together makes a devotional gesture, bosom of big toe press close to, elbow bends be close to the body. Next left foot is raised, stick closely in right leg inside (necessary when the hand that can use you will help) , poise, you are right the pose that the leg must maintain erect, hold to breathing time 5 times. If your flexibility and plasticity compare difference, can put left foot to the position of crus or ankle, you as if to be cultivated like same, take root is on the earth, breathe deeply.

2, new moon shape:

Begin from the pose of the tree, left foot strides one stride backward, calcaneal mentions, leg unbend, bend your right leg knee, around becomes linear, the arm is lifted up, both hands is shut, press the back after shoulder is mixed downward, the breathing time that holds 5 times.

If you think yoga is not true,take exercise, so will attempt this act! Your ham can tell you its feeling.

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